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About Us

Welcome to Arz Bakery & Fine Foods; The Essence of Mediterranean Gourmet. This is undoubtedly where the exotic and traditional Middle East meets contemporary and curious West. We are purveyors of exotic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine; Everything you need to experience the finest foods. Whether you are looking for the freshest ingredients to create your own recipes or select from our vast variety of prepared foods, Arz is the destination of choice.

Arz Bakery and Fine Foods has kept pace with the rapid growth of Toronto as a World Class city by providing authentic fresh, frozen and prepared Middle Eastern and Mediterranean produce, groceries, deli, fresh and frozen prepared foods and baked goods.
The freshest ingredients are at the core of everything we sell and produce. We strive to create the tastiest and most authentic cuisine possible. From fresh garlic to flavourful hummus to hand-rolled stuffed grape leaves, Arz welcomes you to experience all that the
Mediterranean has to offer.

Our bakery is second to none, offering our own freshly baked pita breads (baked and served daily), baklawas, European cakes and tarts, Armenian Tahini Bread, a huge selection of cookies, chocolates, and so much, much more. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in exploring our delectable, authentic and traditional Mediterranean sweets.

And do you know the perfect accompaniment to any of our luscious desserts? That’s RIGHT! Middle Eastern Coffee…..

As you make your way through Arz, the aroma of fresh ground coffee and roasted nuts is undeniable and captivating. The variety of independent, pre- and custom-mixed, fresh roasted seeds and nuts will be sure to please. Just let us know, and we will make it perfect! Traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern coffees, regardless of the style or the country of origin, requires a passion and patience very unfamiliar to the West; No freeze-dried crystals in hot water here! We grind the perfect balance of the most exquisite beans to formulate the perfect cup of coffee for you and your special guests. Whether you like it dark, light, medium, or somewhere in between, Arz is determined to ensure your satisfaction.

As you stroll through our clean and spacious aisles, you can’t help but think…
“I am feeling a bit hungry”. The sights and aromas have tantalized your appetite. Don’t fret… Arz Bakery and Fine Foods is at the ready to satisfy your cravings. Our in-house café serves a multitude of boeregs, lahmajoun, za’atar, foul, lentil soup, chicken and beef shawermas and fresh salads. Not only is all our food served fresh and hot, it is also served with a smile! If you wish, one of our café associates will be more than happy to prepare any of the offerings for you to take home.

Don’t be timid… You may not always be able to pronounce the names of our fresh and fabulous prepared dips, such as Mouhamara Halabiya (Yummy!), but you will definitely be inspired to explore the abundance that is Arz Bakery & Fine Foods.